Case for 70's Fender Mustang

From Mark Spiders of Willard,

"I believe I have the guitar case from the smashed Sluggo Mustang. In Oct 1989 Nirvana was on the Bleach European tour with TAD. Tad had no case for his Fender Musicmaster and Kurt gave him a Fender Mustang case. Kurt played Tad's Musicmaster on occasion as stated in the letter of provenounce from Tad. I bought it from Tad Doyle several years ago."

Thank you Mark!

Mark's band, Willard, was very much a part of the Seattle music scene. And we all know TAD's close association with Nirvana. Mark says he has letters from Tad Doyle and Sub Pop regarding authenticity.


  1. Did you know or Earnie knows where is the pedals of Kurt?

  2. This is currently for sale on Ebay as well..

  3. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Do you still have the case for sale?

  4. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Hey Bro,
    You got it mostly right. Tad Doyle (Sub Pop recording artist and my friend) wrote me a receipt and letter of authenticity for Kurt's fender case. I never said I had a letter from Sub Pop. Steve Weed ( TAD and Willard drummer) did also confirm the case was Kurt's and Tad's story about Kurt giving it to him though. MariAnn Braeden (bass and vocals) of Green Apple Quickstep witnessed Tad selling me the case. There you go Grunge Fans! Rock Like You Fuck - Spiders 11-09-2015