Epiphone ET270 Neck

This may or may not be the neck from Kurt's Epiphone ET-270.
It has popped up on eBay for a ridiculous price.

The seller has pulled most of the photos (including the ticket/flyer) from nirvanaguide.com and is not including any form of authentic certification so there is no telling if it's the real deal or not. The only evidence that shows it may be Kurt's are the replacement tuners, but this is pretty easy to replicate by anyone with internet access.

I received email from readers saying they've communicated with the eBay seller. The seller does not have any actual back story on the neck. They are selling for somebody else under consignment. If you're going to make an offer I would advise you proceed with caution and healthy skepticism.

One of the comments below brought up a great point. The auction listing states this guitar was used on the recording of Bleach which in actuality was not. This guitar was purchased well after Bleach had been recorded.

Update 2
According to trusted sources "the real neck is documented and accounted for. Currently in a NW collection". I know this was left as a comment below but additionally I've received email with this information.

Update 3
Another reader has brought up an excellent observation. Kurt's Epiphone ET270 was outfitted with Gotoh tuners from the late 1980s/early 1990's. The tuners in the photographs of this neck appear to be Schaller tuners found on Mexican made Fender Stratocasters from the early 2000's. This information cannot be verified and the information is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Disclaimer: This guide is not claiming that this neck is a fake, nor is it claiming that it's real. This guide is only reporting opinions based on observations, not facts. This guide is intended for entertainment purposes only and has no business affiliation with collectors, buyers, or sellers. It was never intended to be any source of such information or a "buyer's guide" for Kurt's guitars. The guide's primary intention is to obtain close up photographs of Kurt Cobain's guitars and speculate as to where they may currently be.

More photographs from the auction:



  1. Anonymous8:29 PM


    I'm just a fan who likes guitars as well. I think the neck is either a brilliant fake or the real thing. Why? There is a chip down to the wood (maybe 1/2 inch) on the headstock above the nut near the truss rod cover. Look in the photo above and you will see Kurt's hand...the same chip is right above his hand. The photos in CAYA also have similar tuners to this...I don't care what they are, they're similar. Lastly, on pg.135 CAYA you can see the headstock perfectly. You can see the nut and how there are those two white smudges (glue?) above the nut on either side of the truss rod cover (did he flip the nut or re-glue it?). There are also three more chips on the top of the headstock and they match the photo. It's either a great fake or real. The nut even looks cut so a lefty could fit the E string into the righty high E slot...now, can someone please post a photo of his lefty Ibanez Les Paul 2386L?

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    think this is not the real kurt's epiphone neck. this one still have a piece of the body on it.... well, kurt had replaced the epiphone neck to put a fender's neck on that guitar and i think is a bit hard to put a different neck without fixing the damage part tha is attached to the one in sell.... just look in youtube nirvana's concert in kapu linz (austria)

    semel's like fake

    1. Anonymous11:01 PM

      the guitar used at kapu 1989 was a hagstorm..also the epiphone was in use until 1990.

  3. Anonymous1:13 AM

    kurt filled the the neck with elmers glue to prevent shifting.he did replace the tuners(which were 6 inline).i believe the earnie bailey is in possession of the neck.someones probably trying to make quick cash,seeing how i payed only a hundred bucks for mine id smash it and sell it for an outrageous price if i could.