Kurt Cobain's 1965 Fender Jaguar - Photos soon?

Looks like close up photos of Kurt Cobain's 1965 Fender Jaguar are going to be released soon. Here is a screenshot from a teaser video on Fender's Facebook page regarding the release of the replica Jaguar.

The Jaguar in this photo is different from the replica in that it has the neck pickup in the correct spot and the strap peg on the left horn (for a right handed player). It also appears that the Jaguar is still strung up for a right handed player, which has been the case since it's last known whereabouts (Eric Erlandson of Hole).

Special thanks to Twitter user @Act902 for letting us know about this!

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Here is a previous post about the replica that Fender is gearing up to release soon.


Fender soon to release Kurt Cobain Jaguar Replica

Rolling Stone blog was the first release information about this. Read it here.

Fender has posted a teaser video on Facebook.
There is a frame in the video with what appears to be close ups of Kurt's actual Jag.
Watch teaser video here.

While it is not an exact replica, it's the closest that's ever been produced by Fender.
Here is a photoshopped version with the pickups placed correctly, angled bridge, single string retainer, right-handed strap peg, and the extra hole on the trem.