1965 Fender Jaguar

1965 Fender Jaguar

The most common belief is that Courtney Love gave Kurt's Jaguar to Eric Erlandson (former Geffen employee and guitar player for Hole). It was last seen in Hole's Doll Parts video and Courtney was known to have given away a few of Kurt's guitars after his death (Jagstang, Musicmaster, Mustang). Eric was also one of Kurt's good friends and both were known to occasionally jam together.

When one of the contributors to this guide asked Earnie Bailey the whereabouts of the Jaguar he was unsure though he speculated that there may be a chance Eric has it.

Sidenote; in a photograph from the late 90's of Eric and his guitar collection the Jaguar is nowhere to be found. See photo here.

Eric Erlandson also brought the Jaguar with him on the 1995 Lollapalooza tour although it was rarely (if at all) seen on stage. The photograph above was taken by Jennifer Finch (photographer and member of L7).

According to Courtney Love, Frances Bean is set to inherit the lyrics to Teen Spirit, a sweater and one of Kurt's guitars. Since this is perhaps the most important and notable instrument in Nirvana's history it is a possibility that this is the guitar that Frances Bean is set to inherit.

If you are reading this and you have this guitar please send photos! You can remain anonymous. I get emails about this everyday from loyal Nirvana fans who love this guitar. The goal of this guide is to provide close up photographs of Kurt's guitars. Thanks for your consideration. Thousands of Nirvana fans will be grateful :)

For a detailed description of the Jaguar please visit kurtsequipment.com

Cool videos featuring the Jag
1. Molly's Lips (MTV 1992) - My personal favorite
2. Drain You (1991) - Jag closeups around 1:30

Please post links to your speculations, cool photos and videos of Kurt and his Jag in the comments section.

2011 Update:
Fender is getting ready to release a replica of this guitar and there is a good chance they have photographed and inspected the original. See both posts here and here.

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  1. This, in my opinion is the coolest pic of Kurt and the Jag.


  2. Anonymous12:49 AM

    I know the pickups were changed in the Jag for the In Utero tour to the JB but were they changed before or after the recording of the In Utero album?

  3. I wonder if it was re-fretted. Anybody know? Would love to get close up photos of this guitar.

    1. Anonymous3:21 AM

      No, it was'nt dude. Thats the only thing that the Signature Jaguar has different. It has medium jumbo frets whereas Kurt's had smaller strat type frets but the medium jumbo actually make it easier to play seeings ya dont have to push da strings all da way down to the neck. Best Guitar I could ever wish to own......9 yrs later I finally own one.

  4. Pacafeliz6:54 PM

    this just came up, fender's finally gonna do an OFFICIAL relic/tribute cobain jag, celebrating nevermind's 20th b-day.
    so i guess they had to see and measure it to take its specs.
    i guess more info will surface once it's released.

  5. Noirie4:29 PM


  6. Anonymous3:06 PM

    kurt cobain is not dead and we all know it so do something about it people!!!!!!

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  8. Anonymous4:09 PM

    God I wish i could afford one of those Fender replicas.

  9. Anonymous2:31 PM


  10. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Nah go buy a cheap guitar and play it hard.

    Kurt would have hated his guitar being replicated so fender could make money..

    Peace people.