Kurt Cobain's 1965 Fender Jaguar - Photos soon?

Looks like close up photos of Kurt Cobain's 1965 Fender Jaguar are going to be released soon. Here is a screenshot from a teaser video on Fender's Facebook page regarding the release of the replica Jaguar.

The Jaguar in this photo is different from the replica in that it has the neck pickup in the correct spot and the strap peg on the left horn (for a right handed player). It also appears that the Jaguar is still strung up for a right handed player, which has been the case since it's last known whereabouts (Eric Erlandson of Hole).

Special thanks to Twitter user @Act902 for letting us know about this!

Here is a previous post regarding this guitar.
Here is a previous post about the replica that Fender is gearing up to release soon.


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  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    i have a picture of the guitar now more big
    how can i send you?

  3. Anonymous5:14 PM

    there's 2 versions of this guitar a right handed model and left handed model

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM

    I love your blog,keep up the good work!!!

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  6. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Check it out!

  7. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Sorry, dunno where to put this but hey it could be helpful:

    people who were asking about pedals:

    ds-1 japan silver screw (likely 1980ish...you can actually see the silver screw here):
    and here
    (the second one seems to be sent from bailey?)

    kurt's polychorus (formerly bailey's? - sent in from bailey?):

    used an original small box proco rat (likely 86-88?) here:
    along with that Arion mij tuner from the 80s black with white stripe
    he also trialed it again when switching to the ds-2 - I've seen a photo where he's trying both the ds-2 and the rat together after putting the ds-1 away...I dunno if the ds-1 was really broken or if someone (earnie?) told him to stop using it live because that thing is pretty rare...like $200 on ebay rare not $25 mit ones...maybe it was broken I dunno...the distortion pot had it's knob removed or lost...hard to tell lots of things were taped or wired/modded to only function one way to avoid accidents live right

    on a tangent, the univox custom (it is a custom, says so on the headstock) used on snl rape me, etc has the ibanez gibraltar bridge on it not a badass bridge and it has two humbuckers, likely a dimarzio paf type in the neck and a dimarzio sd (or maybe a sd jb sh-4) in the bridge - basically a univox that would sound like the jaguar...the original p90s are amazing though (see rio guitar) - this guitar is like 1968 and rare - the exact same guitar was made in Canada, just a different headstock logo/brand, same with the phase II flyers (see wikipedia - cheaper than erm $500 on ebay unless you want it to say univox and not something else...)

    the small clone is rare 1980/81 version (the first version) that had mini chorus on it (perhaps because the first boss chorus was huge compared to the small clone) - see it here:


    the ds-2 is likely a japanese ds-2 and those are a bit more rare as well:

    any ideas what these two are from 1989-06-27?:
    ds-1 and??? pedal that is more red...

    the rest is pretty decent on the equipment faqs

    someone needs to figure out the story on the ibanez (pre-lawsuit?) 1970s set neck cherry sunburst les paul copy with the coil tap switches on it...saw a black lefty one on ebay before but that was a mid-late 70s model with bolt on neck, not the prelawsuit with the set neck...anyway this guitar is a total mystery to me and not in these faqs anywhere...super rare guitar.

    the ultra-linear twin blackface rivera twin reverb from 1982 135w or whatever is rarer too

    more info on the peavey vintage coming but something is in the works first.

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    ps- the dod grunge may not totally be a joke it does a good job at creating fun overload when combined with the ds2 or ds1 - almost digitech whammy (jack white) territory when driven enough so yeah originally a joke but maybe a hrmmm I could use this factor to it??

  9. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Tech 21 was Kurt's main distortion pedal during the In Utero tour!

  10. Bruno5:27 PM

    Hi, i don't know if this is the right place to contact you, but i couldn't find any other place to....I was just listening to that Nevermind 20th thing with Jon Stewart interviewing Krist, Dave and Butch Vig, and Dave starts telling a story about how they came up with Heart Shaped Box...They were at The Posies practice space and they started jamming on the song, and when Kurt went up to the microphone to sing he got shocked....so he was like fuuuck and stepped back and they stopped the jam...then they start the jam over, and he goes up to the microphone and gets shocked again, and smashes his guitar in rage...then Krist adds up to the story, saying he just played the Experience Music Project thing and Kurt Bloch from the Fastbacks had a Univox Mosrite copy and Krist was like oh cool he has one of those too...so the story is that apparently Kurt Bloch found a smashed guitar in a garbage can at a practice space, glued it back together and kept it in his closet for like 20 years and brought it back for this show...here's a link to the performance...


    i thought it was cool little story that he has kurt's guitars now and i don't know if you were aware of it...anyway ur site is awesome man, keep up the good work...cheers from brazil!!!

  11. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Nice story Bruno!!!

  12. Anonymous10:11 PM

    wow that is crazy...you can actually see the lefty strap pin still in the guitar (esp. near the end of the video) - thanks it really is a great story

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  14. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Kurt Cobain put the sunburst Jaguar on the Map, If you had a grunge band in the 90s you had to have a Jaguar. I always Loved Kurt's Sticker on his Strat. http://jp993.hubpages.com/hub/Kurt-Cobain-Fancy-Dress-Costume

  15. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Hey love this site. not sure where to post this but i own one of the replica jaguars and if you wanted i can take close up pictures of it for your site. it really is a great guitar not 100% to kurts but its pretty close. let me now if your interested in the pics and where i can send them too.

  16. Its just Fantastic. Thanks for display.......

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  19. check:

    for a better 2011 picture with black SD humbucker. Never seen one before