1960's Fender Musicmaster

Kurt was known to have a few guitars that he did not use live. For example; a custom made Ferrington Mustang, a 70's Ibanez Les Paul, and some vintage Fender student models. This one in particular was given to Dave Navarro by Courtney Love. It was briefly featured on one of the MTV reality TV shows that Navarro starred in. It's a Daphne Blue Fender Musicmaster. Based on the headstock shape and decal it is a 1964 or early 1965 model. He has stated that the guitar is on display at his home and is not interested in selling it. If Frances Bean Cobain (Kurt Cobain's daughter) wanted it back, he would give it to her. According to our good friend Andrea; the better photograph above was taken by Simon Ferreira while photographing Mr. Navarro's house.

Andrea E
Simon Ferreira


  1. Bleach your works4:35 PM

    I noticed that you where missing a guitar I seen used a lot I believe it was a 62' jaguar,with sunburst and double humbuckers,
    seen in 92' Reading Festival footage for the song Lithium, do you know the where about's of this guitar? and by the way Love your site thank you for the time you've put into it. Crys,Seattle

  2. Jon DuCiel9:49 PM

    Thank you so much for checking out the guide!
    The 1965 Jaguar is the holy grail for this guide.
    I've chased down a few leads but have come up empty.
    The most probable theory is that it is owned by Eric of Hole since he was seen playing it in the Doll Parts video.

    Keep in touch Crys!

  3. Bleach your works1:25 PM

    yeah thank you for talking the time out to answer my question....I love you site and thank you again for working so hard on it ,,,its really awesome!
    Kurt Cobain and the music of Nirvana mean so very much to me, more then any other Artist or music past or present. I'm happy to see that there our others(like your self) concerned with the priceless pieces left behind by this talented young man.I hope that him memory and his artifacts will be preserved and cherished .
    *One other question I don't know if you'll know anything about or not, like Kurt I'm also a left handed guitar player and I own a 1996 Sonic Blue (Left Handed) Fender Jag- Stang (#VOO4982) I've been trying to find out for a long time now if this is a rare Guitar ...???
    is there anyway to find out how many where made that year ,that color,and Left Handed ! ?

  4. Jon DuCiel3:02 PM

    Hi Crys, It is my understanding that the 1996 lefty Jag Stangs are very much sought after. As far as market value is concerned I would check "completed items" on eBay and/or jag-stang.com

    Nice guitar!
    - Jon

  5. Bleach your works3:58 AM

    thank you , if you like to see pics of this guitar visit my myspace @ www.myspace.com/dietoosoon
    and view my photos thanks again Crys

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    what would a music master fender guitar be worth serial#52938