Not really Kurt's Jazzmaster

Courtney Love sold off some of Kurt's belongings to the Hard Rock.
Supposedly this was Kurt Cobain's Jazzmaster, but according to Ernie Bailey Kurt never owned a Jazzmaster.

"The Hard Rock Cafe's collection of guitars mistakenly claims Kurt's "trademark" Fender Jazzmaster which is autographed. Kurt has told Earnie Bailey on several occasions that he never used a Jazzmaster. Earnie chased down a lefty Jazzmaster for Kurt once but he and Krist decided it was too expensive, as it was going to be purchased as a surprise."


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Obviously that isn't Kurt's, it's a right handed guitar... he was lefty

  2. well you can see that the strings are flipped to lefty

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    i´ve been there (Hard Rock of London, yes, the strings are for a lefty but i think Kurt never played it,the guy of the hard Rock told me, that the Jazzmaster was used by Kurt at the Cow Palace april 8, but the Date of the concert is wrong because it was the 9 of april and he payed with the Jaguar http://www.nirvanaguide.com/images/1993/040993.54.jpg, and if you see the photos of the concert you will see it and compare..

  4. Anonymous11:38 PM

    who cares...

  5. Anonymous9:20 PM

    WHat the world wants to know is "does this have to do with Kim Kardashian ?" .

  6. Anonymous3:27 PM

    False advertising. Kurt never played a Jazzmaster at the cow palace, and NEVER played a jazz master live ever! Hard rock are wrong to say its Kurts guitar, it aint. Courtney was laughing all the way to the bank with this one!

  7. Anonymous2:31 PM

    are those his white glasses next to it? the ones he possibly had next to him when he died? I don't believe this is his jazzmaster

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