Black Fender Stratocaster

Black Fender Stratocaster

Kurt had several of these imported cheaper Stratocasters that he would smash at the end of the set. These were Japanese imported Fender Stratocasters.

Based on the wear patterns of the broken body it matches that of the photograph above from 1991. The body shown above is (as of December 2008) on display at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

Here is a video clip of Kurt splitting the body in two and distributing it to the audience. I have no idea how the two pieces were able to reunite after such a journey! (body splitting at 2:39) (update: video removed by YouTube copyright police. Trying to locate another)

Update: This body is currently on display at the EMP's Nirvana exhibit. According to a video on mtv.com with Jacob McMurray, this Stratocaster was smashed during the recording of Endless, Nameless for Nevermind. Here is a photo of the black Stratocaster smashed during that session. Note: body is not split in two.

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  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    my uncle is 47 and he told me that the guitar he gave me was kurt cobains and it is worth money and it looks exactly the same as the one you guys had on the picture !!!!! i think he is lying ...but who would believe me or him

  2. Jon DuCiel9:52 PM

    Hi there.
    Thanks for writing and for checking out the guide!
    Can you email me close up photos of the guitar?
    Also a serial number will be helpful as most if not all of Kurt's guitar's SN's were logged.

    - Jon

  3. Anonymous6:44 PM

    por kurt cobain yo empece a tocar la guitarra ... ahora la musica es mi forma de sobrevivir en el mundo economico