Fernandes Stratocaster

Fernandes Stratocaster

Smashed by Dave Grohl at the 1992 Reading Festival. Currently owned by The Hard Rock Cafe. Over the years this guitar has made it's rounds across different Hard Rock Cafes across the globe. It was also lent to be displayed at the Reading Museum during the 2004 Reading Festival. At one point the frame and placement within the frame were changed. The photo above is it's former frame. I personally like this old frame arrangement better because you can see ghostly remains of the guitar's structure. See links below to see it in it's current frame.

The smashed Fernandes Stratocaster has been on display at the Hard Rock in Orlando, FL, London, UK, and as of 2007 Boston, MA.

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  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    When are you going to update this blog? You had a list of things to put up here on the livenirvana forum before it went down :D

  2. Hi there!

    I did a handful of updates yesterday.

    I'm currently going around all the entries and cleaning them up (ie, spelling errors, arrangement, etc...)

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    For those unfamiliar with livenirvana here is a typical week on the message forum.

    Oscar:Marnche 2 3 4 Right 2 3 4. ATTENTION
    Brt:If shit was art id be a fart!
    Kty:Me too!
    Slippy:fucking a hamster ttyl!
    Fred:fucking a basket of fries +1!
    Laura:fucking a hairbrush of dave grohl's +2!
    Kris:NO VIDEO. Other witnesses and attendees confirm this independently.
    Joseph:Its my hairbrush I do dave rolls with it on my pillowcase so I dont wake my parents at 1 am.
    Mike:Or..it was a tingle in Kurts ribs that made him giggle and instead of "grandma" he really says "gran mal" but Danny said dude the last great grandma song was like 30 years ago so Kurt changed it to secretly make fun of Mark Arm's coolness. Prove me wrong.
    JWB:Hoarders are assholes
    Collective everyone: HUH UHZ!
    Adam:Suck it up, sorry. love -Admins.

  4. Jon DuCiel11:04 PM

    From "NFC"

    "hey we should go to that river where kurt threw the bricks in the original sappy video. i bet those bricks are still there!"


  5. Anonymous7:22 AM

    This guitar now on a sale

  6. Anonymous5:34 AM

    This guitar was actually a fender, the neck was snapped and replaced with a kramer one, they had about 5 of them on several guitars including the "vandalism: as beautiful as a rock in a cops face" strat. All the others got changed back to fender necks after a while. Earnie Bailey said this on http://www.kurtsequipment.com/

  7. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Only a fag like Dave Grohl would smash a perfectly good guitar