Smashed Guitar @ Auction

UPDATE 10/07/2009
Information has been confirmed and images obtained.

Stay tuned for a new entry. For now I will leave this old entry here.


Another one of Kurt's guitars sold at an auction in December 2008.
It was a modified 70's Fender Mustang with a Univox humbucker.

This is the second Cobain guitar selling for 6 figures.
The first was a Mosrite Gospel in 2006 (here).

The guitar was sold by Sluggo of The Grannies and Hullabaloo.
Kurt traded it him for either a white Univox Hi Flier (pic 1, 2, 3) or a Gibson SG (pic 1, 2)
Update; It was the SG

It was displayed (on loan from Sluggo) at the Experience Music Project (Seattle, WA) until he decided to sell it in 2008. The news articles mention that it was smashed in New Jersey.
This may lead one to assume it may be have been the sunburst Univox. However two of the articles (NYTimes and Rolling Stone) mention a "Mustang"; hence the confusion.

My guess is that Kurt had smashed both the Mustang (possibly in 7/9/89 PA) and his sunburst Univox (7/13/89 NJ). Looking at photos from nirvanaguide.com, Kurt did not play guitar on the show following the Maxwell's gig. He played the whole show with no guitar. The show after that, he is seen with a white Univox.

To recap;

7/9/89 - Kurt is playing a sunburst Mustang (top photo)
7/12/89 - Kurt is playing a natural/sunburst/duct taped Univox
7/13/89 - Kurt is seen smashing the Univox (see photo)
7/15/89 - Kurt did not play guitar (see photo)
7/18/89 - Kurt is playing a white Univox

If anyone has photographs from when it was displayed in Seattle, or at the auction please share!
Thank you - Jon


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Ihave got a photograph of that guitar the fender mustang right handed how i can send it to you??

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    And Yes, The guitar that kurt is playing is the guitar that have changed to sluggo.

  3. Guest9:44 PM

    awesome! email me at jonduciel@gmail.com

  4. Jon DuCiel9:50 PM

    Hey are you Esteban? I need the photos you sent me before. I'm ready to revise this entry with your photos and the accurate information. Thanks! - Jon

  5. Fredrik7:39 AM

    I got a photo when Kurt is playing The White Univox guitar, do u want me to send it to your E-mail?

  6. Anonymous6:27 AM

    the SG guitar was samashed in 02/17/90 - Iguana's, Tijuana, Mexico concert

    you have the concert footage on youtube to confirm it :)

  7. I can always be reached at grannihilator@comcast.net