Blue Fender Jagstang

Sonic Blue Custom Shop Fender Jagstang

This guitar was designed by Kurt Cobain in collaboration with Fender's Custom Shop. For a wealth of information on the background of the Jagstang visit jag-stang.com. Two prototypes were created and Kurt only had the chance to play the first one (as seen above). To check out the second red prototype click here.

After his death Courtney Love gave the guitar to Michael Stipe of REM. Michael Stipe considers the guitar to belong to REM and not him personally. Mike Mills and Peter Buck of REM used it extensively on tour in 1995 on a song written for Kurt titled "Let Me In".

Kurt's Jagstang related videos
3. Kurt talking about Jagstang to MTV (@7:12) (Link removed by YT. Waiting for replacement)
4. Another interview where Kurt talks about Jagstang (@5:00) - Kurt's face lights up when asked :)

Update: UMG keeps removing the video clips of Kurt talking about the Jagstang. Ergghh!

Youtube videos of Kurt playing Jagstang
3 - Rape Me 2/14/94 (updated! Now in HQ)

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Click here to visit my Photobucket account for Kurt's different drafts of the Jagstang.

Jon @ Prospect
Rough Cut/Road Movie REM video.


  1. Jon DuCiel10:41 PM

    Everytime I see that Peter Buck photograph I think of Lee Renaldo.

  2. Anonymous9:58 PM

    i am liam and i like guitars and willy

  3. here's kurt talking to mtv about jagstang

  4. Anonymous11:21 AM

    On a Youtube video showing Kurt Cobain doing guitar solos, he used the Jag-Stang while playing the song School.

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Here it is at the 3:32 mark.