EMP - Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses exhibit

The EMP (Experience Music Project) in Seattle opened up it's Nirvana exhibit last month. This story is being covered by loads of media.

This story on MTV.com is one of my favorites so far because it has video clips featuring the curator of the exhibit, Jacob McMurray, giving a guided tour of some of his favorite pieces in the exhibit.

Here is the EMP's Flickr feed featuring photos from a special member only preview.

Guitars on display:
Smashed Fender Mustang (entry coming soon!)
White Fender Stratocaster (need more info, if you have any please send!)

Sorry for the lack of post in the last few months. I designed a dedicated web site for this guide (with the intention of getting rid of the "blog" format) but it's taking longer than anticipated to bring it live. I'm contemplating leaving it on Blogger but the templates are so damn ugly!

Thanks to all of you who come here regularly. You will not be disappointed once this gets cleaned up. Also if you attend the exhibit, EMP is allowing non-flash photography! Feel free to post links to your photos in the comments section.


  1. Welcome Man !, I wait your new web with forward !!!

  2. John Etter4:35 AM

    I remember thinking the white strat was the one from the '92 VMAs when I was there (it had a black single coil for the bridge) but I'm not certain. They also have Kurt's Mosrite Gospel on display.

    1. There are only 2 MOSRITE gospels known to exist KURT had one and the Granddaughter of the founder of Mosrite had the other and their value keeps going up.I think it sold for $135,000 and the value keeps going up since only 2 to have known to exists

  3. Rick LGZT10:44 PM

    Nice work, i love all the memorablia

  4. Samson7:56 PM

    So glade your back can't wait for new site =D

  5. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Hi! I really enjoy this blog. Congratulations!

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    where's the smashed fender mustang?

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