Univox Mosrite Copy

The following is from Bruno. What a fantastic find! Thank you Bruno.

Hi, i don't know if this is the right place to contact you, but i couldn't find any other place to....I was just listening to that Nevermind 20th thing with Jon Stewart interviewing Krist, Dave and Butch Vig, and Dave starts telling a story about how they came up with Heart Shaped Box...They were at The Posies practice space and they started jamming on the song, and when Kurt went up to the microphone to sing he got shocked....so he was like fuuuck and stepped back and they stopped the jam...then they start the jam over, and he goes up to the microphone and gets shocked again, and smashes his guitar in rage...then Krist adds up to the story, saying he just played the Experience Music Project thing and Kurt Bloch from the Fastbacks had a Univox Mosrite copy and Krist was like oh cool he has one of those too...so the story is that apparently Kurt Bloch found a smashed guitar in a garbage can at a practice space, glued it back together and kept it in his closet for like 20 years and brought it back for this show...here's a link to the performance...


i thought it was cool little story that he has kurt's guitars now and i don't know if you were aware of it...anyway ur site is awesome man, keep up the good work...cheers from brazil!!!


  1. Bruno2:30 AM

    nice to see that you put the story up!!! looking forward to the new version of the blog man!!! peace

  2. Bruno3:22 AM

    PS - Here's a link to the interview w/ Jon Stewart I was talking about, they start telling this story at the 3:00 minute mark. (They can explain it better than I did lol)



  3. Anonymous5:58 PM

    did´nt know where to let u know that i came across the skystang number 3..dont know if u already knew about this..http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2012/Dec/GALLERY_Experience_Music_Project_Guitar_Collection.aspx?Page=13& T:Harw3y